Here at Colorful Eclectic, we hold these values as our guide in all business matters.

  • We believe in community. The best kind of community encourages diversity and welcome all regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability, or size. Local Yarn Shops and Maker gatherings are the heart of this community. To support Local Yarn Shops we offer a wholesale program. To support maker gatherings we host a monthly Makers' Morning.
  • We believe in the principal of Integrity. We do our best, and while it is not possible to be human and free from errors and mistakes, we will work diligently to correct any situations that arise and communicate with you openly.
  • Quality Fiber. We choose bases that will not only give a beautiful canvas upon which we intertwine color and creativity but will also provide makers with outstanding experience and satisfaction with their finished project.
  • Creativity and Ingenuity. We can’t stop dreaming up new color ideas. Often leading to exciting new colorways, collections and make-alongs.
  • In order to increase accessibility of our yarns to makers of all sizes we offer a discounted price for all garment kits. The larger the kit, the higher the discount.