Flaunt YOUR Finishes

Have you finished a project that includes Colorful Eclectic yarn? Want to share it with The Color Curator Podcast viewers? Record a short video sharing your project.

What to include in your video:
  • Your Ravelry name & other social media contacts
  • Pattern Name & Designer
  • Yarn colorways & Brand (including those not by Colorful Eclectic)
  • Craft (ie: knitting, crochet, weaving, etc)
  • Your thoughts about the process, any modifications you made & finished object

Things to keep in mind

  • Lighting is important! Go outside or stand near a window to take your video or pictures.
  • You don't need professional equipment. Your cell phone video will do perfectly.
  • Record in a horizontal orientation.

But what if I only have pictures of my finished project?

  • Send me up to 5 pictures of your project
  • Optional: Include a voice recording talking about your project
  • I will put together a slideshow using your content to include in the podcast

Email your video or photos to colorfuleclectic@gmail.com and include your details above in the body of your email.