Yarn & Fiber Care

Your fiber and yarn have been rinsed in cool water until the water runs clear. Additionally, your yarn has been soaked in Allure wool wash.

While superwash yarns are machine-washable, hand-washing your yarn in cool water and laying flat to dry is always best. This minimizes shrinking, felting and dye loss.

Please be aware that heat can break dye bonds as well as form them. The dyes have been set on your yarn and fiber, but they can be un-set. Colorful Eclectic uses washfast and lightfast dyes, but the degree of fastness depends on the color. Deep colors, especially blues and reds, are more easily disassociated. Washing in cool water helps minimize this.

Non-superwash yarns must always be gently hand-washed and laid flat to dry. 

Do not use detergents, but do use a wool wash. I use Allure Wash and heartily recommend it. You can find it for purchase in the shop here.