Colorful Eclectic believes in honoring your personal color story

Colorful Eclectic launched in 2016 to encourage knitters, like you, to put your fingerprint on your personal style. Colorful Eclectic is a brand for stitchers who are excited by things they see browsing Instagram, on Ravelry’s “Hot Right Now” page, or on the needles of their friends at craft night.

All of Colorful Eclectic’s colorways are hand-dyed by me using anywhere from 3 to 5 different layers of color - it’s not a quick process, but it creates colors with depth and feeling and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My goal is to create cohesive collections of yarns that inspire you to mix and match colors, shapes, and stitches to create garments that you love.

But Colorful Eclectic isn’t just about the yarn. It’s also about you and how you use it. A beautiful skein of yarn is great on a shelf, but it’s so much more wonderful when you wear it. When the yarn can complement your style, accent your personality, and let you feel like the most expressive version of yourself.

A beautiful skein of yarn is great on a shelf, but it’s so much more wonderful when you wear it. 


In 2011 I started dyeing yarn as a way to explore the different ways to play with color and my new favorite hobby, knitting. I spent five years devouring resources, developing hand-dyeing techniques, and refining my color sense. As a result of these years of research and development, I can proudly provide quality yarn that you will love to work with.

My family and I adore the mountains and get away to them as often as we can. Day trips to four wheeling trails are the current adventure of choice. You may run into my husband and two boys while they are helping me setup for an event or even trailing me as I wander the aisles of fiber festivals. 

My studio is located in Golden, Colorado - a breath away from the Rocky Mountains. I am inspired to create colorways from a variety of places including Pinterest, Instagram’s art hashtags and the stunning natural world around me. Watching watercolor artists inspires my creativity and someday I plan to take classes to supplement my YouTube addiction. You'd be amazed at how similar watercolor is to dyeing yarn. When I am not creating new colorways I enjoy expressing myself through photography and garment sewing. In the studio you can catch me listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I am dyeing.

My team of contributors will help you discover, hone, and explore your color story through inspiring blog posts & newsletters, on Instagram, and The Color Curator YouTube channel. 

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