The Team is Growing

You may have noticed a new voice around Colorful Eclectic lately. Or maybe an uptick in the use of the plural "we" in our posts. That's because the Colorful Eclectic team is growing! 

Back in August, I joined Liz to enhance the online presence of Colorful Eclectic. Who is "I," you ask?

Hi, I'm Kendra!

It feels really nice to introduce myself properly after operating in the background for so long!

Liz and I met at WIP night at our dearly departed Fabric Bliss. We both continued to attend other craft nights around Denver and I developed a deep and abiding love for everything Colorful Eclectic - the colors, the fact that it's a small, woman-run enterprise, the focus on creating a holistic wardrobe of FOs. Liz and I always bonded over our shared love of planning, organizing, and snazzy pens (ask us about our highlighters). When I casually mentioned my desire to leverage my organization skills to help small makers, Liz practically yelled, "Where have you been?!" And just like that I became part of the Colorful Eclectic team. 

Liz has big ideas but I'm a nitty-gritty person. I have a background in library science (yeah, science). That means I am into organizing things in a way that is usable and useful. And that's what I do here at Colorful Eclectic, too. I find the best things to share with yarn-lovers, package them up, and give them to you!

I have been knitting since 2005 when I picked it up as a bored teenager to keep myself warm and occupied during a chilly and boring winter break in my home state of Michigan. I have been a woman obsessed ever since. Creating wardrobe pieces that help me express myself and that fit into my style now takes up much of my free time.

I love learning new knitting techniques, perusing the hot new patterns on Ravelry, checking out new craft books, and watching YouTube knitting podcasts to stay on top of what's going on in the knitting world. I'll be sharing all of the good stuff with you on the blog, in the newsletter, and on the Instagram.

I'm misskender on Instagram and Ravelry if you care to follow me personally. I live in the heart of Denver with my partner and our 2 cats (Alfred and Ripley). If I'm not knitting I'm probably doing yoga, reading, sewing, or thinking about knitting. 

I'd be thrilled to get to know you if I haven't already. If you have any questions for me, go ahead and drop them in the comments below!