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Top 5: Best First Sweaters

  Have you decided to delve into the world of sweater knitting? Welcome! The process of choosing your first sweater can be daunting - you don't want to get out of your depth but you also don't want to make something you won't wear. It can be a hard balance to strike, so we've compiled a list of our favorite beginner knitting patterns! The criteria we used for this list are: it should be stylish - something you will actually wear it should be uncomplicated - straightforward design helps new knitters understand sweater construction it should help you become a better sweater knitter - by gently incorporating sweater-specific techniques While this list was compiled for beginners, these patterns are great for all...

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VERY Last Minute Gift Ideas

Hey, it's okay - last-minute gift giving situations happen! You get an unexpected gift and now need to give one in return, a surprise secret Santa party, anything can happen!  My go-to strategies for quick gift makes are: use big yarn, make small projects, and/or crochet! The key to making last-minute gifts is that they can't look slapdash or rushed so I like to keep it simple, design-wise. Simple patterns that can be put down and picked back up again are great because I can work on them throughout the day. I also like to combine gift knits with a store-bought gift. For example, combining a crocheted washcloth with some handmade soap I bought at a craft fair, or a...

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Advent Calendars for Yarn-Lovers

With the holiday season coming up, we're about to see a lot of beautiful yarn Advent calendars getting shared on social media. For those who are unfamiliar, Advent calendars can be a bit baffling. This post is here to de-mystify the basics of Advent calendars and give you some project ideas for yarn advent calendars.  To start with the basics, Advent is a Christian religious season that starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas (in most Christian traditions) and is a celebration of the Christmas season. There are many traditions associated with the celebration of the Advent season, but one that is fairly universal and has even broken into secular holiday celebrations is the Advent calendar. What are Advent Calendars?Advent...

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