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Wardrobe Building: Permission to Change

Creating a plan to build your wardrobe can be very fun and energizing. Rewarding, too, if you stick to it and see your plans come to fruition. But it can also be stressful if you put too much stake into it. If you’re on social media, you may feel the pressure to “keep up” or produce new handmades all the time. This post is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. Everyone experiences highs and lows - and that includes motivation to knit! This post will go over common reasons why we lose interest in our plans, and ways to deal with them. Why? There are many reasons why a plan that you were passionate about 2 months ago now...

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Intentional Wardrobe Planning: an Introduction

  With the new year in full swing, you (like me!) may have set some making goals to supplement your handmade wardrobe in 2019. It can be a pretty daunting task, to choose garments now, in January, that you are still passionate about when you cast on for them in December. The shine of a hot new pattern might fade or, worse, you spend time (and $$) making a garment but never wear it. How do we ensure that we have a handmade wardrobe of items that we love to wear almost as much as we loved making them? How do we approach long-term wardrobe goals in a way that serves our future selves? We have to get intentional about...

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