Summertime Trades Knit-a-long!

Update: Sorry you missed the SummerTime Trades KAL? Don't be - we've archived all the prompts and tips here: 


For the next Colorful Eclectic knitalong, we will be knitting Time Trades by Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks (link to pattern). Special thanks to Carly for suggesting this pattern! We like this pattern for a summer KAL because it’s light and lacy but warm enough to keep you from shivering in a heavily air-conditioned office or restaurant.

Time Trades is a large, parallelogram-shaped shawl that is knit on the bias. The multicolor effect is created by using a 5 mini-skein gradient and 2 coordinating full skeins of sock yarn. We recommend Colorful Eclectic Pathfinder (75/25 Superwash Merino/Nylon). Liz has come up with four beautiful kits for Time Trades, have a look at them here. The gradient sets are also available separately!

This multi-colored shawl is a great opportunity to shop your stash. Do you have a few single skeins floating around? Or maybe a gradient set that you picked up but didn’t know what to do with? We would love to help you find a Colorful Eclectic colorway to coordinate with skeins you already have. Leave a comment here or send a DM to @colorfuleclectic on Instagram!

This KAL is all about process and participation. Instead of finished objects being entered into the prize pool, you gain one entry for each milestone post that you post to Instagram. Milestones are things like completing the cast on, finishing a section, blocking, etc. See the full list of milestones below. Completing each milestone will earn you one point.  

How to Earn Points

We learned a lot from the last KAL! This time, we’re streamlining the points and prompting process.

Instead of a weekly blog post, prompts will be delivered directly to your inbox - make sure you’re signed up using the link below! When you sign up, you'll get a welcome e-mail with a list of the milestones, a link to the roster, and a kit discount code. Every week, you'll receive an email with a prompt and other fun KAL info. 

After you get that e-mail, post to Instagram showing that you completed the milestone for that week. Then, mark the roster for that week. You are responsible for maintaining your own points. When the KAL is finished, we will verify the posts and points of winners. You should have one post per milestone. If you combine milestones in one post, you receive points for one.

This will be the only blog post for this KAL, so bookmark it now to keep up with the chit-chat.

The only requirements for your Instagram posts are to show that you have completed the milestone and to use the hashtag #summertimetrades. You can also tag @colorfuleclectic in your posts. Each week has an Instagram prompt that you can incorporate into your Instagram photos - but it’s not required! They will help spark conversation, which can lead to extra points/giveaways.

Extra Points

All knitters making their Time Trades with a full Colorful Eclectic Time Trades kit will receive 3 points automatically. 

If your Time Trades is knit partially with Colorful Eclectic (a mini set or at least one contrasting color) you will receive 1 point. This is an excellent chance to take a look at your stash and see what you can find! If you'd like some color counseling, reach out.

Extra points will be awarded for excellent/funny/intriguing photos on Instagram or great comments/conversations on the blog.


Our cast-on day for this KAL is May 1 and the finishing day is June 30. Prompts for each milestone will go out on Wednesdays, but you can make your post whenever - as long as it's before the KAL ends!

This KAL is all about the process of creating a shawl so don’t worry if you get a little behind, that’s okay! Check-in whenever you hit a milestone. You can join at any time. As long as you document the milestones on Instagram, we will accept all entries until June 30, 2019.


You will be eligible for prizes if you earn 2 points or more. There will be a single prize pool with multiple prizes including gift certificates to Colorful Eclectic and pattern prizes. 


When you sign up for the Summertime Trades KAL, you will receive a discount code via e-mail good for 10% off a Time Trades Kit through the end of the KAL (June 30, 2019).

Other Stuff

No WIPS, please!

This KAL is international-friendly! While Colorful Eclectic is based in beautiful Colorado, USA, we’d love to see shawls from around the world! Even if that means that your Summer Time Trades is a Winter Time Trades for all you Southern Hemisphere-dwellers. 

Let's Do This!

This should be tons of fun! If you have any questions about the pattern or the KAL structure, just ask! Be sure to follow along @colorfuleclectic on Instagram and use and peruse the #summertimetrades hashtag. See you on May 1 when we'll be talking cast-ons!

To Join

  1. Sign up by clicking the button above. Then, check your e-mail for a link to the roster and a discount code to use in the shop!
  2. Follow @colorfuleclectic on Instagram. If your profile isn't public, please make sure to follow @misskender, as well!
  3. Follow the hashtag #summertimetrades on Instagram and use it on all your check-ins!

So You Skipped to the Bottom, huh:

The new KAL is for Time Trades by Caitlin Hunter. It runs May 1- June 30. Sign up here to get access to the roster, follow @colorfuleclectic, and post to Instagram using the hashtag #summertimetrades to enter for prizes.