Advent Calendars for Yarn-Lovers

With the holiday season coming up, we're about to see a lot of beautiful yarn Advent calendars getting shared on social media. For those who are unfamiliar, Advent calendars can be a bit baffling. This post is here to de-mystify the basics of Advent calendars and give you some project ideas for yarn advent calendars. 

Photo of Advent Calendar
To start with the basics, Advent is a Christian religious season that starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas (in most Christian traditions) and is a celebration of the Christmas season. There are many traditions associated with the celebration of the Advent season, but one that is fairly universal and has even broken into secular holiday celebrations is the Advent calendar.

What are Advent Calendars?

Advent calendars are used to count the days in anticipation of Christmas by moving a marker, opening a flap, or lighting candles. Some Advent calendars contain a small gift or treat each day. Childrens' Advent calendars often contain candy or small toys, but adults can get in on the Advent celebrations, too. Popular types of Advent calendars are tea Advent calendars, candles, cosmetics, even wine and cheese Advent calendars from Aldi

And yarnies are getting on the Advent action, too! The German yarn company Opal has been making sock yarn Advent calendars for a long time, each day you open the little door to find a mini-ball of Opal sock yarn.

Yarn Advent Calendars

More recently, indie dyers have been getting in on the Advent calendar trend where you receive a mini-skein of hand-dyed yarn each day in the run-up to Christmas. Some dyers offer 12-days of Advent yarn for the budget-conscious. Who wouldn't love to unwrap a little bit of yarny goodness every day? The only trouble is not opening them all at once!

At the end of Advent, you would have anywhere from 12 to 25 mini-skeins of yarn and you'll probably need some ideas of what to knit with all those minis. Any project that features mini-skeins would do well, but if you want a more festive way to use your yarn advent calendar, here you go!

Stripey Socks - What better (or cozier) way to knit your way through Advent than with a pair of stripey socks. Use any vanilla sock pattern, and knit a few stripes every day (you might have to use magic loop) and by Christmas, you'll have a special pair of socks to wear or give.

Ornaments - Mini-skeins are the perfect size to create handmade ornaments. Try stars, little socks, or tiny adorable sweaters.
Tiny Socks by Tin Can Knits      Stjarna
Cozy Memories Blanket - If yarn Advent calendars are a tradition that will keep going into the future for you, why not knit them all into a blanket

Some designers have created patterns for Yarn advent calendars:

Land of Sweets by Helen Stewart 

ADVENTurer by Ambah O'Brien 

It's most likely too late to get a pre-made Advent calendar for 2018, but there's till time to set upan Advent swap with friends! You can skein up your favorite yarn scraps, wrap them up, and spread the holiday cheer!

Do you celebrate with an Advent calendar? Have you ever done a yarn Advent calendar? Tell us about it below!