16 Weeks of Weekender: Week 6

Not sure what this is? Check out the 16 Weeks of Weekender master post here!

This week is a catch-up week which means that you have a little extra time to work on the body before next week. Since there's no milestone this week, we're highlighting some participants who have shared part of their knitting process on Instagram.

Excellent Vibes

I like these pictures because they exude the fun and coziness that I love about knitting. @ewesyouryarn got creative when measuring the first 4", @oneofakate showed off knitting and crochet in one image, and @kj_sauer gave me some serious snack envy!


 This is a 16-week-long KAL, but that proved to be too slow for these knitters! @carolyndaydesigns finished her Weekender already! @amandaj.larson and @penny_moons are already on the shoulders. Well done - and don't forget that you can retroactively check-in on the blog, those threads don't close until the KAL ends!

Stitching Supervisors

 It's always good to knit with company and the cuter, the better! @lizbotknits was certainly not being judged by a cat, @asselin.cindy trained the next generation of knitters, and @demandypandy had to contend with some serious puppy dog eyes!

This week, if you're not sure what to post - an introduction would be great! How long have you been knitting, is this your first sweater, where you're from, whatever you're comfortable sharing! Be sure to comment on others' posts by browsing the #16weeksofweekender hashtag. Liz and I have loved seeing all the participants support eachother and to keep that going, there will be a special award for "Best Cheerleader" for whoever we see working hard to lift up other participants!

This is also a good point to stop and make sure that your points are in. Up until about week 3, I had been just going through the #16weeksofweekender hashtag and doling out points for posts that I saw. Because this KAL really took off, that method became unreliable. Make sure to leave a comment on each week's blog post to let me know to go visit your Instagram and check out your post. The weekly threads don't close, so you can add comments retroactively. You can check your points on the roster by clicking here.

This KAL has grown significantly (over 100 knitters!) more than Liz or I had ever anticipated, so leaving a blog comment is essential to get your points! You can join in the conversation, leave tips and tricks, or just say, "I posted!" 

If you're participating in the knitalong, post a picture of your choice this week, then come back here and leave a quick comment about it. Remember to use the hashtags #colorfuleclectic and #16weeksofweekender in your Instagram posts! A mod will check your post and add your points. Extra points and prizes are available if your Instagram posts or comments are especially inspired!
Important note: Points are awarded per post. If you have one post that combines 2 milestones, you will be awarded one point for the milestone of the mod's discretion.
It's not too late to join us! If you order 4 or more skeins of Colorful Eclectic Joyous Worsted, enter code 16WEEKSKAL at checkout for a discount!
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