16 Weeks of Weekender Milestone 13: First Sleeve

Not sure what this is? Check out the 16 Weeks of Weekender master post here!

Welcome to Sleeve Island!  This week, we pick up armhole stitches, decrease for a while, then knit a ribbed cuff with another tidy tubular bind-off. Some enterprising knitters knit sleeves 2 at a time on a magic loop.
I prefer to knit them one at a time. I leave stitch markers in each decrease round on the first sleeve, then transfer them to the second sleeve as I knit each decrease round. This is an easy way to make sure I have the same number of decrease rounds on each sleeve!
Do you have any sleeve knitting hacks? 
If you're participating in the knitalong, post a picture of your first 4" to Instagram, then come back here and leave a quick comment about it. Remember to use the hashtags #colorfuleclectic and #16weeksofweekender in your Instagram posts! A mod will check your post and add your points. Extra points and prizes are available if your Instagram posts or comments are especially inspired!

Important note: Points are awarded per post. If you have one post that combines 2 milestones, you will be awarded one point for the milestone of the mod's discretion.
Points will be updated on or before Friday March 15th. I have found that adding points in big batches is easier than doing it piecemeal. 
It's not too late to join us! If you order 4 or more skeins of Colorful Eclectic Joyous Worsted, enter code 16WEEKSKAL at checkout for a discount!
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