16 Weeks of Weekender Milestone 1: Swatching

16 Weeks of Weekender - Week One, Swatching


Not sure what this is? Check out the 16 Weeks of Weekender master post here!

Any garment project that you knit should start with a swatch. We covered swatching and gauge earlier this year in the Getting Gauge Series. There’s even a post dedicated to swatching like a pro. After you’ve swatched, post a picture of it to Instagram then come back there to the comments and let us know how it went? What size needles did you end up with? How do you like your swatch? Do you have any special swatching tips to share?

Remember to use the hashtags #colorfuleclectic and #16weeksofweekender in your Instagram posts! A mod will check your post and add your points.
If you'd like to check the roster and find some fellow Weekender knitters to follow on Instagram, click here. Points posted to the roster through 1/5/19 at 2 p.m. MST.